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about ChiroPatrickDenver

the inspiration for the brand ChiroPatrickDenver was one of natural progression. after practicing for nearly a decade in an injury and insurance based model it was clear there was a disconnect between the care patrick provided to patients and the wellness care he sought for himself and his family.  while the majority of chiropractors will state the need for regular and consistent care, ChiroPatrickDenver has broken down the biggest barriers that obstruct the likelihood of that happening.

it is the goal of ChiroPatrickDenver to assist its practice members in achieving their health potential.  this can not be accomplished in the ordinary injury - treatment model.  your problems neither start nor end when your symptoms do. without repetition there are few results.

the biggest barriers to regular - consistent care are time and money.  ChiroPatrickDenver has initiated a full assault on both.  with established monthly fees of $79/month for individuals and $149/month for families,  nearly everyone can afford care.  the absence of insurance, along with the time intensive paperwork and filing that goes with it, allows for our fees to be affordable and for care to be efficient.  we only schedule one appointment - your first.  while you will receive recommendations, subsequent visits are walk in.  this is truly chiropractic on your time.

about patrick

patrick lives in denver with his girlfriend, magda, and their son, yanik.  he has completed thousands of hours in post graduate education including a 110 hour seated exam for sports chiropractic.  he has worked with amateur and professional athletes, business men & women, stay at home parents, infants, and grandparents.  he participates with an extended group of 200+ chiropractors worldwide that hold the same philosophy of chiropractic as he does.  find membership chiropractors here.  

service is important for ChiroPatrickDenver by giving back to the community. he has adjusted at homeless missions, supports Coats for Colorado, and raised thousands of dollars at Christmas for the Denver Children's Home.  

when you decide to become a practice member at ChiroPatrickDenver you will get the same level of care dr. patrick seeks for himself and provides for his family.   schedule a complimentary consultation today.